Apex Legends players wonder when Season 15 will start
Apex Legends Season 15
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Apex Legends players wonder when Season 15 will start

The next season of Apex is already on the docket

Earlier this week, Apex Legends Season 14 was released to a mixed reception.

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Some players haven’t enjoyed the changes Respawn Entertainment made to certain weapons and legends. A nerf to Valkyrie is among the chief complaints from the fan base. However, along with all of the changes, there was a plethora of content introduced to the game, including the new legend Vantage. While fans are currently trying to navigate all of the new content and changes in Season 14, they’re also looking forward to Apex Legends Season 15.

As of right now, Respawn Entertainment hasn’t formally announced any release date for Season 15. Of course, fans can always find out when the next season will begin by simply looking at the current season Battle Pass. The Season 14 Battle Pass says that Season 15 will begin on Nov. 8-9, 2022. While things can certainly change between now and then, this is roughly the date that fans can expect the next season to arrive.

What will be in Apex Legends Season 15?

In regards to the content that Season 15 will deliver, it’s unclear what Respawn could bring to Apex Legends. However, we do have some leaks that indicate what kind of content could come in Season 15.

According to data miner SomeoneWhoLeaks, the next legend that will arrive in Season 15 is named “Catalyst.” Catalyst has been rumored to release in Apex for a while. Their abilities revolve around creating cover and platforms for Catalyst and their teammates. The legend’s passive ability is also rumored to strengthen other legends’ placeables, allowing them to take more damage. Of course, these are all leaks, so Catalyst and their abilities could change before Season 15.

As for other content, there has been a leaked map, Divided Moon, that’s been talked about for months. Respawn has traditionally released a new map every four seasons. World’s Edge was launched in Season 3, Olympus in Season 7, and Storm Point in Season 11. That means Season 15 should see a new map, and the only one currently leaked is Divided Moon.

New Map Gameplay. Divided Moon…Early-Mid Stages. If it matches other map releases then Season 15 but who knows?
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Other than that, there are not any additional leaks regarding Season 15. Since Season 14 didn’t release a new weapon, at least at launch, it makes sense that Season 15 could see the arrival of a new one. As of right now, though, no weapons are leaked for Season 15.

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