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When Respawn Entertainment introduced the long awaited Bocek Bow to Apex Legends Legacy, the player base was elated. The bow had been teased for months before it finally saw the light of day in the weapon pool. Now, the weapon is finally usable in Season 9. However, there’s a large number of players that want to see the weapon nerfed.

The Bocek Bow is extremely overpowered in both battle royale and Arenas. Its ammo is far too easy to find and its high damage is worsened by the speed at which players can reload arrows. Paired with the bow’s accuracy, it’s not difficult to see why players want the developers to nerf the newest weapon in Apex Legends.

Players call for a nerf to the Bocek Bow in Season 9

Since the first matches of Season 9, players have realized just how powerful the Bocek Bow is. It’s essentially a more accurate and easily accessible sniper/marksman rifle that takes little skill to use effectively. When fully drawn, it deals a base damage of around 70. And, with a headshot, this can be increased to nearly 100.

With its damage, accuracy and fire rate, the Bocek Bow can’t be matched in Apex Legends. One perfect example of its raw power is displayed in the Reddit clip below.

The Bocek definitely isn’t broken from apexlegends

The player in the clip utilizes the bow’s incredible fire rate when completely dismantling an enemy team. With just a few shots to the body, each opponent is brought down to low health or eliminated. One Redditor even describes the bow as a “rapid fire Sentinel [sniper] with a silencer and infinite ammo.”

The Sentinel sniper shoots fairly quickly but doesn’t possess the other qualities of the bow. To make matters worse, the bow’s ammo is incredibly easy to find in Apex Legends. This allows players to continually spam arrows without any fear of running out of ammo.

When will a nerf come for the Bocek Bow?

Upcomer reached out to Respawn Entertainment about whether a nerf is in the cards for the Bocek Bow. However, the studio declined to comment. Most players, though, believe a nerf is on its way to the overpowered weapon.

Bocek Bow in Apex Legends
The Bocek Bow is one of Season 9’s best weapons. | Provided by EA

Payers of the Apex Legends community want the bow nerfed but not into the ground. As one community member stated, it’s “ridiculously strong” but also “mad fun to use.”

Additionally, another opinion that’s becoming increasingly popular within the fan base involves swapping the Bocek Bow with the Triple Take, which is currently only found in care packages. This would be a way to stop the onslaught of Bocek Bows in the battle royale. However, Arenas would still have an issue with nearly every player buying the bow each round.

As such, a general nerf is the likely move for Respawn Entertainment. There’s currently no word on when a possible nerf would come down the pipeline, however.

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