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The Hunt is on in the new Apex Legends new event, and there are a lot of interesting changes to the game. Some Respawn announced openly, like the new badges and the addition of Challenges. Others the studio sneaked into the game quietly and let players discover on their own. One of those changes is a new custom animation for the Mozambique.

Whenever a player grabs a new gun to replace their Mozambique with, they throw the unfortunate little shotgun away with contempt. The animation plays every time, even when players switch from one Mozambique to another.

The weapon’s reputation as unusable has been a great source of enjoyment for Respawn. Early in Apex Legends‘ history they stated they do not intend to buff the weapon and instead would like to “keep enjoying the memes.” They clearly listen to the Apex Legends community, however. In particular, they might have been inspired by this post that suggested the Mozambique be treated as a throwable weapon, like a grenade.

We don’t know if that post inspired the change, but one thing is clear. Respawn likes the Mozambique to stay hilariously underpowered. The studio is keeping up their sarcastic streak by adding this animation to the small roster of unique weapon animations. Notably, the Mozambique throw is the polar opposite of the cool trigger guard spin animation players see when picking up a Wingman.

The change may have been quiet, but players are making their reaction heard loud and clear. Going by the thousands of Reddit upvotes, this is one Mozambique “buff” the community agrees with!

Stay tuned to Daily Esports for our upcoming breakdown of the hidden changes in patch 1.2!