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We’re a few weeks away from Apex Legends Season 2, and the internet is already on fire with speculation. The latest shocker came in the form of a Reddit post by user FrozenFroh. He noticed that the Leviathans – the two giant dinosaur-like creatures peacefully existing in the sea skirting Kings Canyon – are moving closer to the island.

Specifically, they appear to be starting to circle around it. As one commenter jokingly noted, they seem to be “flanking.”

FrozenFroh's image showing Leviathans moving closer to the island
Image courtesy of FrozenFroh

“One Leviathan moved from the bottom right edge of the map to be in front of Water Treatment at 1 PM PT yesterday,” FrozenFroh told us. He has been onto this development for two months, ever since he noticed the signs in Respawn’s Season 1 promotional material.

Respawn’s cryptically hinted event for the start of Season 2 almost certainly revolves around the Repulsor compound. FrozenFroh’s current theory is that the structure keeps the Leviathans at bay. It also repulses the flyers we saw flashed briefly at the end of the Apex Legends Season 2 reveal.

Both types of creatures will likely feature heavily in Apex Legends‘ Season 2 gameplay. “Hunt the Beast game mode is in the files for everyone to see in the Media folder, hinting the Leviathans and Flyers will be a separate game mode,” FrozenFroh told us.

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They might be closer than we think

Another keen-eyed Reddit user spotted the Leviathans already on the island. This same image was present in the Season 1 promotional material. Whether this means the Leviathans will arrive before the start of Season 2 is uncertain.

FrozenFroh doesn’t believe so. “You should expect the Leviathans to move outside the island until the ‘event’ breaks the Repulsor,” he said. Theoretically, Wattson’s arrival to the island also ties into this event. Her brilliant electrical engineering skills should come into play in repairing the structure.

We do know that Respawn intends to change things up in Kings Canyon’s layout. What better way to reshape the map than with a million ton mega-elephant stomping through at 0.2 miles per hour?

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