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When Respawn Entertainment stated they would change up Apex Legends in ways like never before, they meant it. Apex Legends: Legacy is now officially coming to Season 9 and it’s something that the community hasn’t seen up to this point.

The exciting part of Legacy in Apex Legends is Arenas, a round-based, team vs. team game mode that’s arriving alongside the battle royale. This means players can choose what mode to play, similar to how Call of Duty stacks its game modes. Respawn is changing up the way battle royales are utilized, with Apex Legends taking assets from the BR and implementing them into an entirely new experience.

Full details on Apex Legends Legacy: Arenas

The basic way to describe the new mode is imagining if Apex Legends and Valorant or CS:GO had a baby. Arenas follows the model that CS:GO introduced many years ago and reinvents it using assets from the battle royale.

Players can buy weapons, equipment and heals from a buy menu before each individual round in Legacy. They will use these items to try and eliminate the opposing team to win the round. The winning team keeps their items for the next round while the losing team must buy new equipment. The first team to three rounds wins the game, but teams must win by two rounds.

There are three members on each team, making for six on the map in total, and the matches take place on five specially designed maps. Three of the maps are areas taken from the battle royale and two are custom-made for Arenas.

Here’s the full map list for Arenas:

  • Party Crasher
  • Phaserunner
  • Artillery
  • Golden Gardens
  • Harvester
Apex Legends Legacy Arenas
One of the new maps coming to Arenas. Provided by EA

In regards to the buy menu, players can purchase a legend just like in the battle royale.

However, something unique to Arenas is players can buy skills for their legend and upgrade sets of attachments on their weapons. Minor skills cost less while a legend’s ultimate ability costs much more. As for the weapons, their attachments are upgraded together, not individually, so players need to spend wisely.

Apex Legends Arenas
The buy menu for Arenas. Provided by EA

For players asking about a Ranked mode for Arenas, Respawn has stated that mode won’t be live at launch. There’s currently no release date for a Ranked mode but more information should surface within the coming weeks or months.

Arenas will launch on May 4 along with Season 9 of Apex Legends Legacy. The new legend, Valkyrie, will also release with this update.

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