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The Apex Legends Iron Crown Collection patch apparently featured more than solo mode and new cosmetics. Data-miners quickly found that it also included details about the 14 upcoming legends leaked shortly before Season 1 launched. The information was subsequently released by community theorists and content creators like The Gaming Merchant.

This leak has some more concrete indicators showing that these legends are destined to come to Kings Canyon. They have (vague) ability descriptions and even strings for their skins in the shop. As with any other Apex Legends leak, though, take this with a bag of salt. More than half of what has “leaked” so far turned out to be early concepts and Titanfall leftovers. Still, some of the details sound pretty awesome.

The leak mentions legend Rampart, who will supposedly be able to deploy a piece of cover as well as a mounted machine gun. His team can use these, and Rampart can repair them with his passive: a wrench, which he equips when switching to melee. Respawn did state they would like to give the bunker meta a boost when they introduced Wattson, and Rampart fits the part.

It also details Husaria’s abilities. If the legend ships with the toolkit described in the leak, they will be an instant fan favorite for sure. Husaria has a flashbang grenade as their tactical ability, and their ultimate deploys a Breaching Charge to bust open doors, destroy traps, and disorient enemies. The coolest part is their passive, however: meleeing doors or enemies discharges a trick-shotgun attached to Husaria’s leg. This does require shotgun ammo, naturally.

The leak also discusses legends Rosie, Valk, Crypto, Blackout, Jericho, Seer, Nomad, and others. Again, whether these will come to Apex Legends exactly as described, or at all, remains uncertain.

Crypto Apex Legends leak Respawn

When can we expect the new legends?

To be blunt, we likely won’t see another legend release until Apex Legends Season 3. Respawn has made it clear they are abiding by a fixed yearly content rollout plan, which includes a single legend release per season. The leaked legends have lots of placeholder strings in the files, but that doesn’t mean much. Most of it has been there since the game launched in February.

Unlike Octane and Wattson, none of the new legends in this Apex leak have anything solid to point at an upcoming release. Almost all of the art we have of them comes from the game’s community. The Nomad in the video above, for example, is the work of Reddit user MagnumPDie. The only possible exception is Crypto, who Respawn has been dangling in front of our faces for quite a while now. Substantially more is known about him than any other leaked legends, which might just mean he is on his way.

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