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Respawn Entertainment has seemingly made it a point to introduce as many new changes as possible in Apex Legends. Season 6 introduced a plethora of new features and content aside from the expected arrivals like weapons and legends. There’s the new Crafting system and Holo-Sprays amongst other changes live in-game right now. However, more additions could be on the way, as a new leak suggests that ground emotes are on the way. Of course, this is a feature that was made popular by Fortnite but it seems like Apex Legends wants in on the fun.

Ground emotes leaked in Apex Legends files

Every few days or so, the game files of Apex Legends are updated with new lines of code or images. This is simply Respawn preparing for future events or content drops. While these usually don’t include substantial information, this time was a little different.

A couple of prominent leakers were able to find evidence of ground emotes in the files. If you’re not aware of what these are, they’re simply little actions that a character can perform at any time during a match. In Fortnite, they’re simply called “emotes,” which are extremely popular in the gaming community.

Below, you can see data-miners @Shrugtal and @Biast12_ showcase the evidence for the emotes.

From the looks of it, the emotes will work the same way in Apex Legends as they do in Fortnite. Players can pick an action from a wheel and then the specified action will be performed when standing. Biast12 shows off a possible emote for Mirage that sees him performing a handshake with his hologram.

While this is exciting from a content perspective, there’s currently no timetable for the emotes. So, we could see these later in Season 6 or further down the line.

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