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Season 7 of Apex Legends promises to deliver the same amount, if not more, content than fans have come to expect. There has already been a new legend confirmed and other weapon/character tuning updates as well. Also, we could be seeing a new map, as there’s currently a UFO flying over both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. However, all of that pales in comparison to the latest leak the community received. According to dataminers, there are hints that suggest vehicles could be arriving with Season 7.

Vehicles coming to Apex Legends Season 7?

The idea of vehicles in Apex Legends has been discussed by players before but never seriously. The maps of Kings Canyon and World’s Edge are simply too small for any large-scale vehicle, like a car or truck, to work effectively.

However, if Respawn Entertainment were to design a smaller vehicle, perhaps the idea could work. While this was originally thought to be a pipe dream, it seems it could come to fruition in Season 7. Dataminer @Shrugtal has provided some evidence that vehicles could be in the works at Respawn.

What Shrugtal says in the last tweet is pretty interesting. “You thought all the vehicle banners in Season 6 were just for no reason?” It seems that maybe the data-miner either knows or believes strongly that Apex Legends could be seeing some type of vehicle in Season 7.

According to the leaked animations, the vehicle would be of the Hover variety. This likely means that the supposed vehicle wouldn’t be too large and only able to carry 2-3 players. The Hover vehicle also couldn’t be too fast, as it would be difficult to shoot and destroy and allow players to get across the map too quickly.

At this point, it’s hard to tell if this is something that’s really happening. We’ll presumably have to wait until Season 7 draws closer to find out any more details.

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