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For many fans, a new Apex Legends season means an addition to the character lineup or a fresh Battle Pass. To others, it revolves around the meta changes that Respawn Entertainment made to the legends or weapons within the battle royale. Although, new seasons unusually include a new Prime Gaming skin. Season 7, like most seasons before it, will release a Prime Gaming skin around a week after the new installment has arrived. While we don’t know for sure what the skin will be, a leaker has showcased what it will most likely look like.

Prime Gaming skins revealed for Apex Legends Season 7

If you’re unaware, Prime Gaming is the rebranding of Twitch Prime. Amazon thought that the new title would be a little more representative of the promotion as a whole. However, besides the name, nothing has changed. If you’re an Amazon Prime subscriber and Twitch user, you can claim free items from an assortment of games every few days.

In regards to Apex Legends, Prime Gaming is set to release a new skin in the upcoming week. Traditionally, this skin is for the poster legend of that season; in this case, it’s Horizon. Data-miner @Shrugtal has backed this up by leaking the promotional banner for the Horizon Prime Gaming skin.

horizon prime gaming skin in apex legends season 7
Image via Shrugtal

However, that’s not all that was found in relation to Horizon or Prime Gaming. Shrugtal was able to data-mine images for an upcoming Wraith skin and the Starter Pack contents for Horizon.

The Wraith Prime Gaming skin will likely arrive sometime near the end of Season 7, though we don’t know exactly when. The Horizon Starter Pack, on the other hand, will presumably be ion storefronts (Steam, Origin, PlayStation Store, and Microsoft Store) sometime in the next week. Like with the Prime skins, Starter Packs revolving around the poster legend are traditional at the start of most Apex Legends seasons.

We’ll be sure to let you know when these pieces of content release. For that, and all Apex Legends news, stay tuned to Daily Esports.