Apex Legends leak potentially reveals new legendary Bangalore skin

Apex Legends leak potentially reveals new legendary Bangalore skin

This article is over 5 years old and may contain outdated information

TheΒ Apex Legends leaks just keep coming, this time showcasing the newest Legendary Hunt skin for Bangalore. Originally posted on Reddit, the skin was briefly seen in the character select screen before ever hitting the market to purchase.

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New Bangalore skin from apexlegends

This skin follows a similar art style to the theme of the Wild Hunt season. While some skins lean more towards a futuristic theme, this skin resembles the tribal wasteland skins that other Legends already have. We know that the Legendary Hunt skins will rotate during the event and can expect other Legends to get similarly-themed skins as well.

The price of the skin is unknown, but it is expected to be 1,800 Apex Coins, or roughly $18 USD. Legendary skins that are only offered in the store have had this price point in the past. It is safe to assume that all legendary skins released during the Legendary Hunt event will be available at this price.

Next season’s theme

Reactions to Bangalore’s skin are mixed, with both the art style and the price of the skin being criticized. The comment section of the Reddit post has a variety of opinions, but fans shouldn’t be too worried. If the tribal style isn’t your favorite, it is likely that each new season will carry a different theme. Some believe that with the release of season two, an entirely new cosmetic theme will take over.

Leaks have predicted season two coming around June 4, which is also potentially when Wattson will be released. With an electric-based Legend in the mix for Apex Legends, it is possible that a futuristic theme might be an inspiration for the next skin line. New images of the skin are still popping up with the glitch happening to more players. We’ll keep you updated if any additional skins are accidentally revealed!

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