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The leaks just keep on coming for Apex Legends Season 1 content. The discovery of a roadmap for future updates comes from data miner Shrugtal, who has built a resume of correct leaks in the past. The brief description of what’s on the way was found on PlayStation’s online store.

New legends

The page states that two new legends will be joining the roster during this season. It is unclear whether the two legends include Octane, who released alongside the Battle Pass to start Season 1. If we are only slated for one additional legend, the uncovered assets suggest that Wattson, also referred to as Natalie, will be next. Wattson likely has an electric-themed skill set, including abilities such as “Tesla Traps” that we have reported on previously.

If we are to expect any other legends to release in the near future, Shrugtal has some ideas as to who they might be.

If we were getting a third legend, current theory points to either Crypto or Nomad (As he had a empty model for his “Loot Compass” ability added in the last patch).

The names Crypto and Nomad are not new for anyone following recent leaks. Because they have fewer assets discovered than a legend like Wattson, however, they might not be coming anytime soon.

New weapons

The only weapon we can expect to come soon is the L-Star, and news of this has been around for a few days. Both models and textures have been released from individuals like Shrugtal, and we also have an idea of the weapon’s damage and weapon details. While the PlayStation Store leak doesn’t mention how many weapons we can expect, the wording suggests that more than just the L-Star may be coming.

New items

The leak also suggests two specific items, which will “offer something new and innovative to the strategic mix.” Speculation includes a C4 satchel charge, although the promise of game-changing items may indicate additional items are to come.

The theory that ties it all together

Shrugtal also pointed us toward a Reddit post by user FrozenFroh that may indicate the arrival of Wattson is part of a larger in-game event.

Current theory is mid-season, Repulsor Station breaks, Wattson (daughter of the lead electrical engineer of the Apex Games) comes in to fix it, meanwhile no Repulsor means the Leviathans and Flyers move onto the mainland. (Also Wattson brings the L-Star with her)

FrozenFroh’s theory is based on images from the Season 1 trailer, which includes images of the Flyer and Leviathan creatures much closer to the playable area. In addition, Wattson’s Havoc is shown with the Flyers and the L-Star weapon, as was noted by FrozenFroh.

Credit: Reddit user FrozehFroh

This theory brings several parts of the newest leaks together. As Shrugtal has identified, there are assets for new “Flyer” creatures in the game’s files. What’s more, there are promotional images showing Octane interacting with these creatures.

If the Repulsor tower is destroyed, the Flyer swarms and Leviathan would no longer be repelled. Therefore, Natalie “Wattson” Paquette, the daughter of the head engineer of the Apex Games, is a suitable candidate to join the playable roster. With her skill set of electrical abilities and her arsenal including the electric L-Star weapon, the event’s stage is set.

Although this theory is great, it still remains speculation. We will have to wait to see what legends and weapons will be released (or leaked) next. We’ll keep you updated on any future releases or leaks on the Apex Legends section.

What do you think of this theory? How many legends do you think should come during the first season’s Battle Pass? What unique abilities would you like to see incorporated? Let us know!

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