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Apex Legends is pulling in standout numbers from players across the globe. The veritable battle royale shooter has proven it has what it takes to claim a slice of the pie. But, most online games require some tweaking upon launch. Apex Legends is no different. The complexity of game development nowadays ensures that no game will ever be perfect upon launch. However, one particular disparity is a bit taxing for a game that requires fairness.

YouTuber SookieSpy has provided an analysis of the size of each legend’s hitbox. For those unaware, the hitbox is the area in which opponents must hit an enemy in order to do damage. Most of us probably didn’t even give it any thought, but it’s apparent that Gibraltar would be significantly easier to hit than the rest of the crew given his massive size. SookieSpy’s video below proves that this is exactly the case.

I knew Wraith was my avatar of choice for a reason! As SookieSpy noted, she is much smaller in stature – not only in body size, but in posture as well. Reddit user u/SirAelic took SookieSpy’s video, made the measurements, and crunched the numbers to affix percentage values for sizes of the other character’s hitboxes over Wraith’s. The size basis of Wraith used as a comparison was 33 square cm. Here’s the breakdown:

  • Lifeline: 37 square cm. – 12% larger than Wraith
  • Bloodhound: 37 square cm. – 12% larger than Wraith
  • Mirage: 44 square cm. – 33% larger than Wraith
  • Bangalore: 44 square cm. – 33% larger than Wraith
  • Pathfinder: 63 square cm. – 90% larger than Wraith
  • Caustic: 68 square cm. – 105% larger than Wraith
  • Gibraltar: 79 square cm. – 140% larger than Wraith

How would Respawn go about fixing this?

It seems pretty clear that if you want to be nimble and hard to hit, Wraith is the right choice for you. Gibraltar is a lumbering target without any real advantage to offset it. Besides, Wraith’s abilities are pretty cool. But, how would Respawn fix this discrepancy? Obviously the studio couldn’t just make all the characters the same size. That’d be weird, and it’d remove traits that make these characters unique. However, Respawn can implement some sort of built-in armor. Gibraltar already seems like he is packing a bit of gear to deflect some of the carnage that may come his way. Why not make that a reality regardless of his special moves? Give his health bar more hit points.

I’d say to maybe actually give him a starting armor bar, but what is that really going to do? Most players immediately find body shields lying around to obtain their own armor. There has to be an advantage that stays with Gibraltar the whole match in the same way that his size hinders him in shootouts throughout. I’m sure Respawn is working away at ways to tweak and balance the game with future updates. So, stay tuned for as more develops in Apex Legends!