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Limited-time modes have been a mainstay in Apex Legends throughout the course of its many seasons. The modes usually arrive alongside some kind of event and can become permanent if the community responds well enough to them. While Respawn Entertainment and EA haven’t officially confirmed any new LTMs coming to Apex Legends in Season 15, a leaker has found evidence that a new one, Hardcore Royale, might be arriving soon.

According to the leak, Hardcore Royale is supposedly coming to Apex with the upcoming Celestial Sunrise Collection Event. The timeline for this collection event is roughly three weeks, which is great news for fans of the events. Apex just saw the Spellbound Collection Event and already the developers are seemingly gearing up for another.

Hardcore Royale in Apex Legends

The leaker who posted the details about Hardcore Royale, @kralrindo, shared an image of the “About” page for the mode. Essentially, this mode is a hardened version of the standard Trios battle royale mode in Apex Legends. Players will have less information on their HUD, level one non-evo armor, and no helmets. There is also no armor-swapping, so players will have to make their decisions wisely, or else an enemy team will rip their level one armor in seconds.

In addition to all of that, the Ring does the maximum amount of damage no matter what stage it’s in. This means players won’t be able to stay behind for loot or to kill an enemy, as they’ll die within seconds if they stay in the Ring for more than a few seconds. If players want to stay ahead of the Ring, they can use Survey Beacons using a Recon legend to see where the next Ring will be. In terms of looting, players will be able to inspect a weapon to reveal its attachments and how much ammo they have.

This is a punishing mode that only strong and strategic players will be able to win. Hardcore Royale should release at the same time as the Celestial Sunrise Collection Event in three weeks’ time.

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