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The Apex Legends Global Series (ALGS) will resume on March 12 after the Russian invasion of the Ukraine caused an initial delay. Competition in North America, South America, APAC North & APAC South will resume with an update regarding the Europe, Middle East and Africa region at a later date.

“ALGS community, we will resume competition for North America, South America, APAC North & APAC South starting this Saturday, March 12,” a tweet from PLayApexEsports read. “Due to the evolving crisis in Ukraine and the region, EMEA competitions will remain paused. We will provide an update on EMEA as soon as we can.”

This news come after the ALGS organizers originally postponed competition until further notice on Feb. 24.

Apex Legends Global Series picks up on March 12

Multiple Ukrainian Apex Legends players had pleaded with organizers to stop competitions while their homes were bombarded with rockets. Several have fled the country but may not have access to their gaming setups.

Others are not happy with the new schedule that organizers have put out, saying many Apex Legends players need side jobs while competing. The North American schedule has players competing for four days straight. Others had hoped organizers would give them more notice before competition resumed.

“Gotta love the fact that apex is virtually the only esport where most players don’t make enough not to have a job on the side,” said Apex Legends player Dolan “kawstuh” Costa in a tweet. “4 days heads up is going to screw over a lot of players, s/o whoever made this decision.”

European players thanked organizers for postponing EMEA’s competition further, adding that the region is still far from being ready to return to any sort of normalcy.

“Sucks but it’s the correct call, can’t wait to watch the other regions compete,” said Alliance Apex Legends player John “Hakis” Håkansson in a tweet.

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