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A new Apex Legends glitch has emerged that shows a player being able to melee an opponent when downed. Normally, once a player has been downed, it puts them out of combat. At this point, the only ability a player has is to use a knockdown shield to protect them from being eliminated. However, a clip posted on the Apex Legends Reddit page shows a Wraith being able to use a knife while downed.

Another Apex Legends glitch in action

In the clip, the Wraith player is spotted by an enemy. Consequently, the Wraith activates its portal ability to try and get away. However, the player is unsuccessful, leading them to be downed. The player is still able to use their melee action while being in this state. Then the Wraith proceeds to use the knife to their advantage and manage to eliminate an enemy who was previously downed by a teammate.

So this happened to me today… I feel worse for the lifeline:p from apexlegends

Although the cause of this Apex Legends bug is unknown, the Wraith being downed while using the Into the Void ability could have caused this. Clearly, this glitch is an issue if it begins to occur often. In the clip, after the enemy player was eliminated by the Wraith’s melee, they were revived. This shows that the exploit can give downed players in this state the upper hand. As well as this, players will have the means to be able to keep themselves alive when downed.

Since the release of Apex Legends, players have encountered many glitches when using the legend, and the mechanics of Wraith’s portal have been a cause of many exploits. This includes the phase exploit, which allowed players to remain in Wraith’s void for a longer period of time.

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