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EA and Respawn have announced the upcoming Genesis Collection Event for Apex Legends, which will bring back the original Kings Canyon and Worlds Edge Maps from June 29 to July 13 in multiple unranked playlists.

Skull Town will also return as part of Kings Canyon’s addition to unranked Trios and Duos playlists, which Respawn have teased for the past week. Developers removed the iconic point of interest with the Season 5 update, but now it will also become a map in the popular Arenas mode, which was introduced alongside Season 9. Players will also gain access to exclusive cosmetics, unlocks and more.

The original version of World’s Edge, introduced in Season 3, is also back. That includes the moving train and the un-fractured Capital City. The current iteration of World’s Edge is the exclusive home of competitive Apex Legends, so going back to the first version of the map will give all players a chance to change up their play in the lead up to BLAST Titans, the game’s next major competitive event.

Exclusive Unlocks in the Genesis rewards track

The rewards track for the Apex Legends Genesis event
Image provided by EA

The Genesis event will also feature exclusive cosmetics, attainable through a challenge-based reward track. Players will receive daily challenges that earn them progress toward each reward, much like the recent Arenas Flash Events. Potential goodies include various weapon charms, a Wattson skin, and skins for the Charge Rifle and EVA-8. There are also 24 new purchasable cosmetics, also acquirable in Genesis Event Packs. Grab all 24 to unlock Revenant’s brand new heirloom, which is an extremely sick mechanical scythe.

The event will drop on June 29 alongside a balance patch that includes nerfs to popular competitive picks Octane and Bloodhound. You can read the full patch notes on the official Apex Legends site.