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The Apex Legends community holds some of the most creative fans in all of gaming. From developing new gameplay concepts to artwork, the community never ceases to impress other fans and even Respawn Entertainment. However, more creative fans are always trying to one-up themselves with new designs or ideas. This is demonstrated extremely well in a new design/idea developed by a passionate fan. A new take on the Heirloom Set system in Apex Legends, this idea has real potential to make it into the game.

One fan’s idea for the Heirloom system in Apex Legends

While the Heirloom Set system isn’t a bad one, there are certain aspects of it that could be improved upon. Many fans believe that the ultra rarity of the sets warrants more of a reward whenever you do earn some Heirloom Shards.

Well, one fan decided to take this belief and take it to the next level. A Twitter user and streamer by the name of Nokokopuffs decided to design a new layer of cosmetics in Apex Legends. This was exemplified with Wraith’s Heirloom Kunai Knife and some other cosmetics.

The concept is simple for the most part. Nokokopuffs believes that there should be more options for players in terms of cosmetics. He designed some truly amazing color options for Wraith’s Kunai Knife and her portal.

Josh Medina, a producer at Respawn, was piqued by this design and asked for some more information on the design.

Medina was curious if this color pack would be for the Heirloom Sets or just regular cosmetics. However, Nokokopuffs states that it could be both. On one hand, the Kunai Knife could be given more color options the more kills you get as Wraith. Of course, this would require owning the Kunai Knife.

For the portals, this could be a cosmetic pack on its own for any player willing to spend a little extra money in Apex Legends. It’s obvious that Medina was interested in the idea, so there’s a chance we could see something like this in the battle royale.

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