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The Season 7 teasers are in full swing for Apex Legends. Although the poster legend for the season has been confirmed through in-game challenges, we’re in the dark on a majority of the installment’s content. However, that doesn’t appear to be the case for long, as Respawn Entertainment is dropping some teasers. Announced yesterday on Twitter, the game’s fictional T.V. series, “Stories from the Outlands,” is premiering another edition called “Promise.” We don’t know what the premiere will entail, but we do know a black hole and spaceship are involved. Could this be in relation to the rumored Olympus map?

Olympus map confirmed through new Apex Legends teaser?

In correlation with the black hole teaser, we’ve also seen a UFO pop up on both Kings Canyon and World’s Edge. While we don’t officially know if these two things are related, it seems highly likely.

Some fans have guessed that this new edition in the TV series will be for Horizon, the Season 7 legend. The assumption with this theory is that Horizon is in the spaceship and is being transported to the Apex Legends games.

However, the other theory is a little more enticing. According to some fans, the black hole and spaceship are both hinting at the Olympus map. A mere rumor for months, Olympus has said to be where the legends are headed next. There have been multiple in-game hints but nothing concrete.

Apex Legends Olympus map season 7
The rumored Olympus map is said to be set in an urban environment with a ton of skyscrapers.

Although, the fan theory is that the black hole is the gateway to the new world and the spaceship is the delivery device. Perhaps Horizon, an engineer, will help with the transportation once she arrives in Season 7.

At this point, anything is possible. We’ll have to wait to find out when the new Stories from the Outlands edition goes live today at 11 AM ET.

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