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Almost immediately after the game’s release, Apex Legends players noticed they could block doors in a variety of ways. Standing in front of them prevents them from opening, even if the blocker is in a downed state. This trick can save your life, or help take down an enemy. The death boxes of fallen players can also block doors.

The “meta” didn’t really start to take form until players discovered that Nox canisters block doors. Most doors in Apex Legends open away from the player interacting with them. That means that rooms with only one entrance can easily be turned into an early tomb.

The basic strategy is quite simple, although it requires a lot of patience and a pinch of sadism. Hide and wait for a player – or even a whole team – to enter a room, and close the door behind them. Then drop a Nox canister behind the door, leaving just enough space so the door can be cracked open. You can lob inside a Nox grenade – or any other greanade, for that matter – to seal your enemies’ fate. Or you could simply wait outside and gun them down as they break the door down.

This strategy was just the beginning. Players have discovered even more complex door tricks since. If you think Nox ambushes are just toxic gameplay, consider that Wraith can use doors to instantly kill players from any team – including hers. You can use doors to facilitate destruction even when you don’t have the space to crack them open. An exploding Arc star will blast everyone on both sides of the door it’s stuck to, even if the door is shut.

Skilled Apex players can also use unbreakable doors to their advantage. This Mozambique-wielding desperado demonstrates this when he turns a sliding door into his personal gun-shield:

Whether any of these are intentional mechanics or unforeseen interactions, Respawn is clearly taking note of the “door meta.” A recent update added a loading screen tip to educate players on how to destroy doors. You can do this with melee attacks and ordnance, meaning explosive damage from arc stars, frag grenades, and Legend abilities. Thermite grenades won’t do it.

It takes two melee attacks to break a door into non-existence. Note that melee attacks against closed unblocked doors will simply open the door. As fun as that may be, you should avoid doing it in combat situations. The slight delay it takes your Legend to go from the melee animation back to their gun could cost you dearly.

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