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One of the biggest problems facing Season 4 of Apex Legends is the looting of supply bins. The bins are convoluted with various weapons, items, and other equipment, making it difficult to loot the thing you want. Numerous clips of players dying because they’re standing at a supply bin have been posted to social media. It’s a real problem currently ravaging the game since a lot of a player’s loot comes from supply bins. Well, after yet another clip was posted to Reddit, a Respawn developer has responded with good news.

Supply bins could be fixed soon in Apex Legends

Nothing is more frustrating than standing at a supply bin, trying to loot a piece of ammunition, and being denied because you’re hovering over the wrong item. This happens to every player in Apex Legends, which only magnifies the issue further.

Respawn knows of this problem, but up until now, it hasn’t said anything on the matter. It was presumed they were working on a fix behind the scenes, but we didn’t know for sure until today. A Reddit user by the name of HerefortheCapnCrunch posted a clip of the supply bin that elicited a response from a developer.

The loot boxes right now are a mess. We need to keep reminding them that this is an issue. from apexlegends

This is great news, as we at least know Respawn is aware of the issue and is working on a resolution. However, we’re not sure when this fix will arrive in Apex Legends.

Although, tomorrow, Tuesday, March 3, Apex Legends is receiving a new update with the System Override event. Not only will the update release the event, but leaks have suggested that a flurry of gameplay changes could be on the way as well. So, a fix for the supply bins could arrive sooner than we think in Season 4.

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