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Since Respawn Entertainment first released Apex Legends in 2019, developers have experimented with different game modes. Limited-time events and special game modes are great for keeping the game fresh and exciting for players. Just recently, Respawn announced that Kings Canyon and the Duos game mode will become permanent additions to the game. Despite these additions, players still have not gotten a steady solo queue.

Cloud9 pro Jamison “PVPX” Moore complained about the lack of Apex Legends Solos in a tweet, “I wanted to tweet and complain about it but figured why even bother at this point.”

Respawn Entertainment producer Josh Medina chimed in, stating that Solos is not healthy for the game. It seems pretty clear that Respawn has little to no intention of adding the mode to Apex Legends.

The debate for Solos between the community and Apex Legends developers

Not satisfied with that explanation, Moore put forth two possible reasons why Solos in Apex Legends might be an issue. First, players who are already queuing up games by themselves are thrown into random squads, making it a frustrating experience for everyone on the squad. Secondly, solo players want fair one-on-one fights. 

Moore believes that introducing a Solos and Squads mode would create a better environment for players. “Solo players not being in the Squads playlist will lead to more teamplay / overall better experience for those [queuing] ungrouped & less complaints about ‘SBMM’.”

Moore wrapped up his thoughts by speculating that Respawn had data showing that Solos was not popular. This is despite his observations that solos is the “most requested thing I see by the Apex community.”

Medina put down Moore’s speculations once and for all, stating that “the data we gather is key and you can’t only rely on reddit and twitter as the conclusive data points lol.” That’s a pretty conclusive shut down from Medina. 

While Respawn can always choose to have Solos return for limited events, it doesn’t sound like it will become a permanent addition to the game anytime soon.

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