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There has been a lot of chatter about what the next Heirloom Set could be in Apex Legends. This, of course, is excluding the upcoming Aftermarket Collection Event, which will contain Caustic’s Heirloom Set. When that was announced, fans were immediately curious as to what Season 7 could hold in terms of the rare sets. Well, it appears that data-miners have been able to uncover what legends could receive the next coveted drop. While not official, data-miners have discovered Bangalore’s Heirloom in the game files, and it appears to be the next-in-line.

Bangalore to receive next Apex Legends Heirloom

Regardless of when each legend receives their Heirloom Set, Respawn Entertainment developers have confirmed that all characters will get one. While it might take some time for a legend like Wattson or Revenant, they’ll have their own set at some point.

However, for Bangalore fans, there might not much more waiting involved. Apex Legends data-miners have dug into the game files and discovered an actual model of her Heirloom melee weapon.

The melee weapon appears to be some kind of knife with an indented blade. There’s no word on what this knife could represent, however. In fact, this looks like it was changed from its original design, which was supposedly a Tonfa.

As data-miner Shrugtal states, this weapon is in the early stages of development, so it’s clear Respawn is still tinkering with it. Although, that doesn’t mean it won’t be ready by next season. The data-miner states that fans can expect this Bangalore Heirloom Set during the Season 7 Collection Event.

Whether this is true or not won’t be revealed for some time. The Aftermarket Collection Event with Caustic’s Heirloom hasn’t even happened yet so this is a way off. However, Bangalore fans will surely remain excited for the possibility of their favorite legend receiving an Heirloom.

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