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In recent weeks, Respawn has been stepping up their game in terms of the content released in Apex Legends. While it doesn’t match other battle royales like Forntite, it’s much better than in previous months. Currently, the game is in the midst of its Holo-Day Bash, and fans are quite enjoying the extra content.

However, one complaint among the community is the lack of new gameplay additions. Some would like to see new weapons, attachments, etc. along with the new modes. Well, those fans may be getting their wish, as a leak suggests new gold attachments are coming in a future update.

New gold attachments on the way to Apex Legends?

Whenever an update goes live in Apex Legends, data-miners dig into the game files to find leaks. This has been going on since the game’s release, but we haven’t had a ton of updates to Apex Legends. So, when one does go live, there’s usually quite a bit of future content lying around.

That reigns true with this latest update, as leakers found some juicy secret content. YouTuber SG Rogue was one of the first to find the new gold attachments leak. You can watch his video on the matter below.

According to SG Rogue, three gold attachments will soon arrive in Apex Legends. The first of these attachments is a hop-up, being Incendiary Rounds. This is particularly interesting, as fire could only have an effect on actual health rather than shield. So, theoretically, you could use Incendiary Rounds to eliminate an enemy that has full shield.

Along with the rumored Incendiary Rounds, SG Rogue claims that a Level 4 Shotgun Bolt and Level 4 Sniper Stock are coming soon. These are also noteworthy because the only way to obtain either of these attachments would be by finding a gold weapon.

Of course, this is all speculative, as any leaks are. The fact they’re in the files of the game, however, carries some weight as to their legitimacy.

Do you think the leak is true? Let us know, and keep up with Daily Esports for all future Apex Legends news.

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