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Several long-awaited announcements for Apex Legends were all made today during the EA Play presentation. Shortly after the Lost Treasures Collection Event was made known, EA announced that there are new ways to play the battle royale coming soon. Sometime during fall 2020, Apex is arriving on Steam and Nintendo Switch. Both of these revelations were expected at some point, but now they’re both official and out in the open. However, to go along with this, Apex Legends will also be implementing cross-play compatibility during the fall season.

Two new ports of Apex Legends coming soon

It was expected that EA Play would reveal Apex Legends coming to Steam. Respawn’s other FPS title, Titanfall 2, is now available on Steam after a debut earlier today. So, while it wasn’t 100% confirmed, the Steam port was no big surprise.

However, news of a Nintendo Switch port was a tad shocking. We’ve heard rumors over the past few months that this could happen, but few expected it during EA Play. This is fantastic news, as it introduces a whole new player base to Apex Legends. Though, let’s hope Respawn can deliver on the graphical front.

Cross-play arriving in the fall

Apex Legends Steam Switch crossplay
Image via EA

Another piece of news that was basically known but not necessarily expected is the introduction of cross-play. Respawn has reportedly been working on this feature since the beginning of last year, but now it’s apparently close to completion.

According to the developers, all platforms that Apex Legends is played on will be open for cross-play. So, if you’re on Switch and want to play with someone on Steam or Origin, you can do so.

However, some players are worried that the cross-play will be forced, meaning that if you’re playing Apex Legends on PlayStation 4, you’ll be forced to be in cross-play lobbies with PC players. Respawn has yet to comment on this issue, but we’ll keep you updated here at Daily Esports with any developments!