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Fuse is the newest addition to Apex Legneds’ lineup, and he’s already the most impactful piece of content added in Season 8.

As soon as Respawn revealed Fuse’s abilities, it looked like he would be a strong offensive legend. With two damage-dealing abilities and a solid passive, the latest legend is already shaking up the meta — and there is no better example than a clip making its way around Reddit.

Video demonstrates Fuse’s power in Apex Legends

The official subreddit for the battle royale has already flooded with clips of Fuse, as players are always anxious to show off the newest legend whenever a fresh season starts. As a result, there are dozens of incredible clips surfacing on social media.

With that being said, none recieved more attention than one popular video that might make Respawn Entertainment think about nerfing Fuse.

First game with Fuse and this happens from apexlegends

With more than 17,000 upvotes, it even elicited a few responses from Respawn developers. Daniel Klein, a game designer for Respawn, joked that the devs would “link to this when we nerf him [Fuse].”

While the clip is certainly impressive, reproducing the feat doesn’t seem impossible for any Apex Legends player to pull off. Fuse’s Ultimate and Tactical Ability are fairly user-friendly, only requiring a simple point and click to deal significant damage.

Fuse in Apex Legends Season 8
Fuse is certainly a powerful legend in Season 8. Image via EA

Also, Fuse’s Passive Ability that allows him to launch grenades farther and faster is no joke. As seen in the clip, the Arc Stars got to the enemy’s hiding spot in a hurry and were dead-on accurate. This might be one area that Respawn takes a look at when deciding if a Fuse nerf is necessary.

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