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One of the most rampant problems with the ever-growing Apex Legends is the constant influx of cheaters. It’s become almost customary for any big online multiplayer game to deal with a serious cheating dilemma. Programs like Anti-Cheat are being utilized effectively, but there are some websites that find a way around this. The easy access to these websites causes more and more cheaters to drop in every day. So with this persisting issue, it was only a matter of time before Respawn Entertainment did something drastic.

Permanent hardware bans

Unlike their competitor, Fortnite, Apex has really put the ban hammer down. Based on several cheat sharing forums, people have started getting punished for their actions — and these aren’t your average account suspensions. If Respawn catches you cheating, they will ban you, and your PC, from ever playing their game again. Any account that is made from your hardware after you’re caught is automatically flagged and banned within 30 minutes. One cheater’s struggles after such a ban were captured from a forum and shared to reddit:

Apex Legends cheater fails at getting back into the game after a hardware ban

While there are some ways (difficult as they may be) around Respawn’s hardware ban, most cheaters are still furious. Their anger isn’t just directed at Respawn, but at the websites or companies that sold them the cheats. A good majority of these cheats cost anywhere from $60 to $150, depending on the program. That is a lot of money to pay to have your account banned a day later. However, the websites that sell these cheats are promising the buyers undetectable and unbannable hacks. While some of these do get through the Anti-Cheat software, many are being flagged and leaving the buyers unable to play Apex on the same PC again.

Setting a precedent

This is a power move by Respawn and it certainly raises the bar for other developers. Epic Games is somewhat notorious for its inability to combat cheaters in Fortnite. While they do implement new software and programs to catch cheating accounts, many still slip through. This is especially problematic when it comes to competitive Pop-Up Cups and online Skirmishes. Clips found on Twitch and Reddit showcase hackers in these events on a daily basis, ruining the experience for the rest of the lobby. Respawn obviously saw this and how it negatively affected the perception of Fortnite. They are making it a point to make sure Apex Legends never gets that bad.

It was a statement choice to go with hardware bans rather than the account or IP bans that are so easy to circumvent in other games. Not only will this method eliminate cheaters from the game, it will also deter many people from buying cheats in the first place.

A long time coming

This initiative should come as a very welcome relief for the Apex Legends community. The game’s issue with rampant cheating has been one of its most divisive topics to date. Players have been furious with it even going on as long as it has. In an environment where you have to overcome so many elements and opponents to win, it becomes so much more stressful for players to go against those who are using programs to defy the physics of the game. Some have even taken it as far as using these programs in tournaments.

Apex Legends cheaters cheating hacks Respawn ban
An example of a cheat program in Apex Legends

Hacking in video games, especially popular titles, will forever be a thorn in the side of developers. It’s even harder to stop on PC-dominant games like Fortnite and Apex Legends. However, it’s nice to see a developer fight back and take it to the next level. The cheaters aren’t happy about it. Everybody else is stoked.

Let us know what you think about Respawn finally pushing back against the cheating epidemic in the comments below! For future content, and to keep up with all the latest news and updates, stay tuned to our Apex Legends page.

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