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With the release of Apex Legends, a brand new battle royale game from the makers of Titanfall, players have an array of legends (characters) to choose from. Legends differ in their ethnicity, gender, shape, and size but also each is equipped with a unique tactical, passive and ultimate ability. The eight available legends make for an entirely different playthrough and it is important to understand each hero’s abilities to adapt to their playstyle.

Bangalore – Speed meets firepower

Bangalore is probably the most basic and easy to pick-up class in Apex Legends. Her tactical ability is a Smoke Launcher that shoots out smoke bullets which turn into a smoke wall. Combined with her passive ability, Double Time, which makes her move faster when taking damage, she can really mess with her opponents’ heads. It is imaginable that the combination of speed and being masked by smokes is the ultimate way to play her. Speaking of ultimates, Bangalore’s ultimate ability is Rolling Thunder, an artillery strike that can be a devastating weapon, especially on unaware enemies.

If you’re looking for something not overly complicated, Bangalore is definitely a good way to go.

 Gibraltar – Mobile tank

If you’re looking for a tanky character, then Gibraltar is your guy. He’s big and bulky, but his abilities speak for themselves. Gibraltar seems to be a great team character. His tactical ability, Dome of Protection, throws down an impenetrable shield on the ground in which a party can be protected from firepower for 15 seconds. He also has a personal shield. His passive ability, Gun Shield, is deployed each time the player aims down sights, effectively blocking enemy rounds. To add to this, Gibraltar can also dish out some major damage with his ultimate, Defensive Bombardment. There is really nothing defensive in that at all. It is a mortar strike that brings hell crashing to the marked position on the ground.

Gibraltar is the way to go if you don’t mind standing out in the environment and taking damage instead of your teammates.

 Bloodhound- Tracking at its finest

A predator-looking hunter of unknown origin. His abilities are definitely strong for solo play, but he may also be useful in parties. Bloodhound’s tactical ability, Eye of the Allfather, let’s him see all enemies, traps, and clues through walls and such in front of the character. Paired with his passive, Tracker, which lets him see footsteps left behind by enemy players, Bloodhound seems like the ideal choice for a more solo-focused playstyle. Finally, his ultimate ability called Beast of the Hunt, gives Bloodhound additional senses, increasing speed and highlighting enemy players. This can let you close in on your target faster and really turn into the predator.

For solo players and people that like to stalk instead of taking direct action, Bloodhound is the ideal choice.

Wraith- Manipulate time and space

Much like Bloodhound, no one knows much about Wraith. All we know is that she can do magical stuff and has magical powers. For instance, her tactical ability, Into the Void, makes the player disappear and not take any damage whatsoever. Perhaps it is her passive ability that is critical to success. Voices from the Void warns the player from enemy players close by, letting you know when to be on your toes. Better yet, her ultimate, Dimensional Rift, let’s Wraith set up two portals at two distinct locations. Wraith and her teammates can travel through those portals.

For a more tactical and thought out play, Wraith can be confusing and devastating for enemies. However, it seems like Wraith is a more advanced character, especially due to her ultimate ability.

 Pathfinder- Knowledge of terrain is key

If you like to know stuff about your surroundings and where the next zone will close, Pathfinder is someone for you. A highly mobile robot legend that can use his tactical ability, Grappling Hook, to reach places that may be hard to reach for others. Pathfinder can also use his passive, Insider Knowledge, to scan survey beacons placed across the map to see where the next zone (or ring) ends up. For a more team-focused ability, his ultimate provides a zipline that his teammates can use. This allows for a fast escape from danger or to reach that safe zone.

It seems like pathfinder can be good for both, solo and team players. If you like to swing around and you think that knowledge is the key to success, try Pathfinder out.

 Caustic- Gas your enemies to death

Instead of sheer firepower, some resort to more cruel techniques. Caustic comes equipped with a tactical ability called Nox Gas Trap that trigger upon being fired at or when walked closely by enemies. The gas trap opens and releases deadly toxins. His ultimate is very much similar, however, it is in the form of a grenade and has a very wide radius. This makes the Nox Gas Grenade an excellent choice against unsuspecting players. On top of that, Caustic’s passive, Nox Vision allows him to see foes through the gas. That would be fine and dandy if not for the fact that Caustic is also immune to his gas. Enemies trapped in his gas and getting fired at must feel helpless in such a scenario.

If you like to throw stuff around and see your enemies choke in clouds of toxic gas then Caustic will definitely come to your liking.

Lifeline – The ultimate medic

Probably indispensable in a trio, Lifeline is for the supporting crowd in Apex Legends. She comes equipped with a tactical named D.O.C Heal Drone that essentially heals your teammates. Lifeline also comes equipped with a passive ability, Combat Medic, which results in her revive players faster as well as using healing items 25% faster. Her ultimate, however, is a Care Package (Call of Duty fans?). A large pod that drops from the air with defensive gear.

If you’re the one having your team’s back while they dish out damage and do their thing, you’ll probably be the most important player in your team if you pick Lifeline. Given that you really know how to do your thing, of course.

 Mirage – Tricks do the job

Much like Wraith, confusing your enemies is key in playing Mirage. Equipped with holographic technology, an apt Mirage player can really mess with his opponents. His tactical, Psyche Out, makes a duplicate of Mirage that rushes forward. This allows for the real Mirage to flank or simply buy time to escape the battle. His passive, Encore!, drops a decoy of himself when knocked down for five seconds. This also can buy time for the player to get to a safe spot to be revived by his teammates. And finally, the ultimate ability, Vanishing Act. Instead of just spawning one decoy of himself, Mirage spawns many while the player becomes cloaked. This can be especially useful in escaping dangerous situations or simply getting unnecessary attention of foes close-by.

If you think you know how to get the attention of your enemies and like to see them scratch their heads in confusion, Mirage may be the player for you.

That’s all of them. Let us know which character is your favorite and remember to follow us at Daily Esports for the freshest news in the esports world!


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