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The Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit is only in its second week and tension is already building — outside the game. During yesterday’s grand finals, caster Tom “Tsquared” Taylor called out TSM player Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen for harsh communication toward his two teammates.

The incident occurred after TSM was eliminated and Tsquared wanted to hop in for a listen-in with TSM live on stream. The listen-in consisted of ImperialHal loudly exclaiming what the team should’ve done better in that situation, though Tsquared described it  as ImperialHal “yelling at his teammates.”

ImperialHal exchanges words with caster Tsquared

The above clip took place following TSM’s elimination in one of the early grand final matches. Tsquared said TSM shouldn’t have taken the fight that got them eliminated in the first place and implied that ImperialHal’s communication was the cause of the squad being eliminated.

Shortly following the caster’s statements, ImperialHal took to Twitter to find out why they were made on the official Apex Legends broadcast.

ImperialHal said he felt singled out, perhaps due to his popularity within the Apex Legends community. The player and streamer argued that what Tsqaured called “yelling” was pure passion born from a desire to win. He added that if his communication was truly an issue, his teammates wouldn’t continue playing with him.

Instead of continuing the public conversation,  Tsquared told Hal that Twitter wasn’t the place to discuss the matter. Neither ImperialHal or Tsquared could be reached by Daily Esports for further comment about the matter.

For those that have watched TSM and ImperialHal, the player’s communication methods are nothing new. Hal is the in-game leader for the TSM Apex Legends squad and tends to have a forceful tone behind whatever he says while playing.

TSM and ImperialHal will get another shot at winning week three of the Apex Legends Global Series Winter Circuit when matches kick off on Feb. 26.

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