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On Saturday, Apex Legends began revealing the redesigned skins for its crossover event with streetwear company Market via Twitter. The first skin Respawn showed off is Mirage’s Legendary Night Crawler; it and the rest of the Market skins arrive in Apex on Tuesday.

Apex Legends X Market

Originally, the Market skins were supposed to go live on March 30, but a redesign was in order, which set this timeline back. The new versions of these skins come in the wake of Market’s own rebranding from its previous name Chinatown Market after the company received feedback from the Asian-American community about the name. Now that the company is settled with its new moniker, the collaboration with Apex is back on.

When the collaborative skins were first announced, Bloodhound, Mirage, Wraith, Lifeline and later Gibraltar were all on the list to get a new streetwear look. The original four are the ones facing slight changes. Bloodhound’s, for example, originally had the Chinatown Market logo prominently displayed on its cowboy hat. Since Mirage’s new-new look was shown off on Saturday, it’s probably safe to say we’ll get peeks at the other redesigns for the Market skins coming to Apex Legends in the lead-up to their release on Tuesday.

Though not the first collaboration between Apex and another company, this one with Market is the most ambitious. Previously, Respawn has added weapon charms featuring both male and female Shepard from Mass Effect, as it shares Bioware’s parent company EA. Other charms made by Valve have also made appearances. But this is the first big crossover with skins, and since the partnership is with a streetwear company, these are all about fashion. Wraith has a leopard print boxing fit, Gibraltar is kitted out for break dancing and Bloodhound looks like a cyberpunk cowpoke.

The Apex Legends X Market collaboration kicks off on Tuesday and runs through Nov. 23.