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With Halloween quickly approaching, Respawn Entertainment has revealed a new event in Apex Legends. Named “Fight or Fright,” the spooky event will begin on October 22 and end on November 3. Although we knew something like this was coming, as it did last year, we now have official confirmation. Also, we received a trailer showcasing some of the content arriving with Fight or Fright. Let’s check out what Respawn has on offer for the latest Apex Legends event and the Halloween season.

Fight or Fright event announced for Apex Legends

There’s a lot to unpack with the new event, as Respawn seems to love this time of year. The creepiness of Halloween matches up with Apex Legends‘ style perfectly, so it’s not difficult to see why. In the trailer below, you can see most of what will be coming starting this Thursday.

New legend skins on offer

There is a plethora of new skins, some other cosmetic rewards, and the main selling point, the Shadow Royale Limited-Time Mode. The skins were leaked a couple of weeks ago by dataminers but seeing them in action is terrifying nonetheless. However, they are simple redesigns from last year’s Halloween event, which is a bit disappointing. You can check out @Shrugtal’s Twitter thread for details on the new skins.

Aside from the new legend skins, Respawn also teased some other cosmetics, like the Halloween-themed Nessy weapon charm.

Shadow Royale LTM

Lastly, one of the most highly-anticipated LTMs is finally coming to Apex Legends. Shadow Royale is a spin on the normal battle royale game mode. However, if you’re eliminated, you turn into a Shadow that has the ability to wall-run and double jump like in Titanfall.

This LTM comes with both Solos and Shadow Squads. In Squads, if you’re eliminated you remain as a Shadow as long as one of your teammates is still alive. This mode is surely going to be fun for all, even if you do end up going down and turning into a Shadow.

That’s it for the Fight or Fright event! Make sure to stay tuned to Daily Esports for all Apex Legends coverage.