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One of the longest-standing debates in the Apex Legends community involves the aim assist on controllers. A staple for any multiplayer shooter, aim assist helps controller users lock on to targets a little easier. The reason behind this is that aiming with a joystick, like on a PlayStation 4 or Xbox One controller, is fairly difficult. While console users appreciate this feature, keyboard and mouse connoisseurs feel that it’s unfair.

However, console users are still straddled with low frame rates and minimal graphical settings. This is why some users choose to play Apex Legends on PC while using a controller. Well, while this might seem like the best of both worlds, new data shows that aim assist is stronger with controllers on a console.

Aim assist causing more debates in Apex Legends

Prior to this new discovery, players believed that aim assist was the same for all controller users. Generally, developers implement a scale in which aim assist is measured on. This is to ensure that the aiming help doesn’t go too overboard when applying it to controllers.

This scale, however, is apparently not the same for controllers on PlayStation 4 and Xbox One in comparison to PC. A prominent Apex Legends YouTuber, @iLootGames, discovered that the aim assist is in fact stronger on consoles.

According to this data, on the PC, the aim assist with controllers is Apex Legends is a .40 on the theoretical scale. Although, on a PS4 or Xbox, aim assist goes up to .60.

This is a fairly big difference in terms of scale. However, the developers might have thought that consoles were at a disadvantage with the aforementioned FPS and graphical limits. So, perhaps they made the aim assist a little stronger to compensate for the edge PC has in that area.

Respawn Entertainment has not yet commented on the matter.

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