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[Update: 3:00 PM EST] Respawn announced in a community post on reddit that details will be made available very soon, but that the Battle Pass will not be dropping today. Whether it was never the plan to release it today, or whether it was a last-minute change, is unconfirmed at this time. Stay tuned for further updates.

Well-known Apex Legends data miner Shrugtal has just tweeted out that the game’s first battle pass is dropping today, March 12. This has been a rumor that has widely circulated around the game since the first of the month, when a source leaked to us that the game’s first big update would be coming today.


This should come as a huge and very welcome surprise for Apex Players, who have been practically desperate for new content since the game came out.

Much has been speculated about what exactly the Battle Pass will include. A leak yesterday showed references to several new legends. We are currently unaware which, if any of these legends, will be in the update dropping today.

The Battle Pass drops early

Shrugtal also tweeted out a link to an official asset file from the Origin client, containing background artwork featuring Octane, which as of this time of writing is still live here (check out the URL). We’ve included a copy of that image below, in case it gets taken down:

Users on reddit claim to have seen this artwork load up in their Origin clients this morning, prior to being promptly removed. Looks like someone sent the update out early! Two such examples, courtesy of reddit users “izekaf” and “Spliddo”, can be found below:

Image courtesy of reddit user “Spliddo”
Image courtesy of reddit user “izekaf”

A few photos depicting a Battle Pass interface have also been circulating since yesterday. The images show two different streams of content: one for free users, and one for paid users. Since we can’t substantiate the legitimacy of these images at all, we’ve decided not to include them. A quick Google search should yield results, but take whatever you find with a grain of salt.

For all other updates on the Battle Pass, or any official announcements from Respawn, stay tuned. Any new developments will be reported right here.

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