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All You Need to Know from LOA ON Summer 2022

Lost Ark's major event has come and gone again

LOA ON is a major Lost Ark event, hosted by Smilegate, where the developers take some time to announce upcoming changes. During LOA ON Summer 2022, many changes big and small were announced that interested fans can read below.

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Aeromancer Revealed

Aeromancer will be joining the Artist as a Specialist. While her abilities are not fully released, she seems like a sub-DPS that uses area of affect attacks and supportive skills for her allies. Since Smilegate announced that they will be releasing classes every two months, she will likely be unavailable to play on western servers until later.

Plague Legion Commander Raid Revealed

Plague Legion Commander Raid will have three gates featuring Akkan. The developers stated during LOA ON Summer 2022 that the Nightmare Legion Commander Raid was much more difficult than intended; this new one will require less individual mechanical prowess while also emphasizing teamwork and coordination.

A new status, “Drowning,” is being introduced, which will kill any players that stay in water for too long.

Unlike Valtan, players will get opportunities to save themselves and resume fighting the boss in this raid.

Cross-server Accessibility

Smilegate will allow players from different servers to add each other as friends and visit each other’s strongholds. The developers stated this is the first step of expanding features that are currently server-exclusive to entire regions.

Stronghold Rework

Stronghold features such as feasts and decorating will receive major overhauls. Joining other strongholds for feasts before raids will be easier since other strongholds from different servers are now available. Furthermore, Smilegate will provide special achievements and perks to players who decorate their strongholds.

Tripod Rework

The current Tripod system requires players to purchase separate gears with desired sets to level up their key Tripods. Smilegate plans to make the Tripod system similar to the Engraving system where Tripods will permanently be available to the player once acquired.

More Frequent Balance Patches

The developers agreed that the current balance patch cycle is too long to address critical issues that the Lost Ark community raises; along with more frequent patch notes, the developers will take a more focused approach of prioritizing classes that are too strong or too weak in the future.

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