All Waypoints in Fractured Peaks in Diablo 4
All Waypoints in Fractured Peaks in Diablo 4
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All Waypoints in Fractured Peaks in Diablo 4

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When you begin your journey in Diablo 4, you will be placed in the region of Fractured Peaks. A snowstorm has forced you inside a cave, your horse is gone, and civilization is nowhere to be found. However, you will eventually find the town of Nevesk and after that, the town of Kyovashad. In Kyovashad, you will discover the first of seven Waypoints in Fractured Peaks, which is a normal amount for a region in Diablo 4.

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While you will be doing a large amount of work in Kyovashad, the region is much larger outside of the town. As such, you may be wondering where to find the other seven Waypoints in Fractured Peaks. Though not necessary to find, discovering Waypoints makes fast travel possible, earns you Renown for the region, and allows you to uncover the fog from the map.

If you want to see where to find all seven Waypoints in Fractured Peaks in Diablo 4, check out what I did.

Fractured Peaks Waypoints in Diablo 4

As with any of the five regions, the Waypoints in Fractured Peaks are quite spread out. There are also some Waypoints that cannot be discovered until you complete another task in Fractured Peaks. Below, I have listed all of the possible Waypoints along with their name, location, and how to activate them.

  1. Nevesk – The first town you find, located in the southwestern part of the region
  2. Kyovashad – The main hub for the region
  3. Margrave – Located to the east of Nevesk and directly south of Kyovashad
  4. Nostrava – Located due north of Nevesk and west of Kyovashad, requires you to complete the Nostrava Stronghold first
  5. Yelesna – Found in the very southern part of the region
  6. Bear Tribe Refuge – A small settlement found in the northeastern part of the region
  7. Menestad – A town located to the northwest of Kyovashad
Fractured Peaks Waypoints Diablo 4
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The Fractured Peaks Waypoints are all fairly easy to find. The only exception is Nostrava, which is a Stronghold that you need to defeat in order to unlock its Waypoint. Nostrava is arguably one of the tougher Strongholds to beat, especially if you’re on a higher World Tier and playing solo. I recommend knocking Nostrava out early so the rest of the Waypoints are a breeze.

Nostrava is also centrally located, giving you a terrific early game fast travel point you can use to get around Fractured Peaks. It’s also near many of the Fractured Peaks story objectives.

Once you have discovered all seven Waypoints in Fractured Peaks, you can fast travel to any one of them and you will have earned a total of 140 Renown (20 each). In addition to that, you gain extra Renown for completing the Nostrava Stronghold, which is another reason why I recommend doing it early.

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