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Starfield Crimson Fleet

All Starfield factions, explained

Starfield takes you across the Settled Systems, which is full of powerful enemies, creepy creatures, and factions with different ideologies, goals, and styles. Like past Bethesda games, you’ll need to align yourself with various factions if they align with you. Here are all of the Starfield factions we know of so far.

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You will start Starfield as part of a faction known as Constellation. As a new recruit, you’re tasked with exposing the secrets of the galaxy. But during this journey, you’ll come across other factions that you may be able to join if you play your cards right.

Starfield factions

  • Constellation
  • United Colonies
  • Free Star Collective
  • Ryujin Industries
  • Crimson Fleet


This is the main faction that you’ll be a part of when you start the game. They are located in the city of New Atlantis on Jemison but have the goal of uncovering the mysteries out in the Settled Systems. Constellation is led by Sarah Morgan and has a lot of very intelligent experts on board, including scientists and an ex-pirate.

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United Colonies

United Colonies are made up of multiple colonies that have formed an alliance based out of New Atlantis. United Colonies is made up of a wide range of people that all value law and discipline. They consider themselves the “true children of Earth.” You’ll find them spread throughout the galaxy and are considered the most powerful military faction.

Freestar Collective

Within the walled off Akila City, you’ll find this faction full of individuals who value freedom above all else. They were previously at war with the United Colonies but are now on the defensive.

Starfield Freestar Collective - Deltia's Gaming

Ryujin Industries

This mega-corporation controls metropolises in Neon, a planet in the Volii System. Neon City is now where “anything goes.” You need to be hired by Ryujin Industries to become a part of this faction but it’s worth the effort. Lead Quest Designer Will Shen said this faction is “one of the best starts” of any factions.

Crimson Fleet

These space pirates are always after spaceship parts. You will be able to join this faction somewhere down the line, even if you’re a good character. You’ll just have to do their missions undercover. But the only way out? Death, according to the Crimson Fleet leader.