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Renown is one of the most important features in Diablo 4. If you pull up your map and press W on PC while hovering over a specific region, you will be able to see your current Renown progress for that area. You can then scroll across the icon tabs at the top to see your progress in all of the other regions you’ve visited as well.

By unlocking different tiers of Renown in a region, you will unlock special bonuses for your character. One of those bonuses is also going to be extra XP and gold, which increases as you collect more Renown. Then, you can extra Skill Points, Potion Capacity upgrades, an increase in Max Murmuring Obols, and extra Paragon Points.

First and foremost, though, you will need to know all of the different ways to earn Renown in Diablo 4. I will go over the various methods to do so in the guide below.

The different ways to earn Renown in Diablo 4

All of the ways to earn Renown in Diablo 4
You can complete three tiers of Renown during the main story of Diablo 4. | Screengrab via Upcomer

In total, there are currently six ways to earn Renown. Those ways are the following:

  • Discovering Waypoints (+20 Renown)
  • Defeating Strongholds (+100 Renown)
  • Completing Side Quests (+20 Renown)
  • Discovering different areas on the map (+5 Renown)
  • Completing Dungeons (+30 Renown)
  • Finding Altars of Lilith (+10 Renown)

As you progress through the different tiers of Renown in each region, you will need more and more to reach the next tier. You can earn a maximum of 900 Renown in each region during the main campaign of Diablo 4. After you reach 900, you will be halted from earning anymore until you unlock World Tier 3, which can only be done after beating the main story.

I found the easiest way to earn Renown was finding every single area of a region first, then unlocking the Waypoints. From here, you should know where every Dungeon and Stronghold are, and you can complete those as needed. You should also be able to find several Altars of Lilith along your journey of walking the entire region, only adding to your total Renown.

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