ALGS Split 2 playoffs regional power rankings
ALGS Split 2 participating regions ranked
ALGS Split 2 participating regions ranked | Provided by EA

ALGS Split 2 playoffs regional power rankings

For once, EMEA are the underdogs

The Apex Legends Global Series Split 2 playoffs begin on Friday; all five of the participating ALGS regions will be represented at the competition, but which one is most likely to come out on top? We’ve done some research and math to rank the strongest region out of North America, South America, Europe, Middle East and Africa, Asia Pacific North and APAC South.

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All the score averages were taken from the scores posted for the teams that qualified. The addition of Detonator to the APAC North teams was accounted for.


Numerically, EMEA is the weakest region in the world currently. Teams from EMEA historically haven’t put up the same high numbers as their international peers, which would seem to put them at a disadvantage against the squads from regions that have a higher kill and placement output. Still, competitive Apex Legends can be very unpredictable, especially in tournament settings, so there’s still a chance for EMEA at the ALGS Split 2 playoffs if one of its teams can step up to the challenge.

Average team score: 92.7

4. APAC North

Though the norther Asia Pacific region had more slots for the Split 2 playoffs, its teams significantly underperformed compared to the rest of the world. On average, they weren’t able to crack triple digits in their qualification scores, which puts them behind the teams from three other regions. That said, they outperformed EMEA, so if they can find an advantage on the international stage, they may be able to surpass what the numbers say.

Average team score: 94.2

3. North America

North America has some heavy hitters when it comes to kills with the likes of the newly signed OpTic Gaming roster, TSM’s Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen and NRG’s Christopher “sweet” Sexton. Based purely on the numbers, they rank third and teams like TSM have proven they have what it takes to pop off when a trophy is on the line.

Average team score: 101.7

2. APAC South

APAC South only had five spots in the Split 2 playoffs, and its teams made the most of them with an aggressive showing during the season. This region easily breezed past a triple digit average qualification score, which translates to five teams coming into this competition ready to play hard and win matches.

Average team score: 119.2 points

1. South America

If APAC South was aggressive this split, South America was ferocious. Team Singularity got the highest score in the world with 132 points, and the region’s overall average was only eight points under that. These squads are dangerous, clearly ready to pop off. If they can maintain this kind of performance on LAN, there’s a good chance a South American team will take home the trophy at the ALGS Split 2 playoffs.

Average team score: 122.4 points