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The second set of matches for the ALGS Pro League featured North America’s Split 1 B and C groups facing off for the first week’s worth of playoff points. Unlike the EMEA Day 1 games, which didn’t really see a standout team, Sentinels kept a tight hold on NA’s first day.

Teams participating

Today’s teams comprise the ALGS NA Pro League Split 1 Groups B and C:

  • NRG
  • Torrent
  • Benchwarmers
  • Legacy MX
  • Estral Esports
  • Unlucky
  • CPR Certified
  • Dubblyew
  • Ghost Gaming
  • Senior Service
  • Noble
  • Era Eternity
  • Sentinels
  • SXG
  • Complexity
  • Rolla Theory
  • Sign Us Please
  • PremierGG
  • Lazarus
  • Renegades

Game 1

Game 1 of the ALGS NA Pro League Split 1 Group B vs. Group C matches went to Sentinels. Sentinels ran a Gibraltar, Octane and Bloodhound comp for this round. It all came down to Sentinels and Noble, who were almost able to steal the win playing on the reliable Gibraltar, Wraith and Bloodhound comp. But in the 1-v-1 conflict between Sentinels’ Adam “senoxe” Lau and Noble’s Lucas “Lucas” Watson, senoxe came out the victor.

Game 2

Era Eternity snatched Game 2 with excellent positioning and a shockingly high amount of health. They ran a Gibraltar, Bloodhound and Octane comp for this one. The final squads got into a fire fight in the last ring and Lazarus came out victorious, but that just opened the door for Era Eternity to flank and clean up for the win.

Game 3

Sentinels took this game with a dominant three man push in the final circle, running the same comp they won the first game with. They once again out-positioned Noble to make it into the final three. From here, they took Lazarus down with a barrage of ults and then finished Complexity off neatly to take the W.

Game 4

It seemed like Game 4 was going to be another Sentinels stompfest, but the round took a surprising turn. Sentinels and RNG got into a battle of mutually assured destruction, and the final member of BenchWarmers was taken out after a really rough Valkyrie ultimate landing,  though he did manage to push his team into finishing in the top three for this game. Legacy MX and Renegades were the final two and Legacy had the high ground. Though Renegades put up a good fight, Legacy – running a Caustic, Valkyrie and Gibraltar comp – managed to overwhelm them in the 3-on-3 shoot out to take the match.

Game 5

In the penultimate game, teams like NRG and Complexity started upping their aggression levels, but it was SXG who ultimately prevailed. They took out NRG before moving into the final circle with Sentinels and CPR Certified. As the fight progressed, it looked as though Sentinels would take it with their Bloodhound, but SXG managed to pull off a clutch that won them the round. Notably, they finished with 17 kills.

Game 6

Noble were the final Champions of the day. The last fight was in a truck, and while PremierGG dealt a ton of damage, they couldn’t finish things off. Noble remained in control and took down PremierGG to grab this last win of the day with 10 kills. With this win they moved to second place in the leaderboards.

ALGS NA Pro League Split 1 Group B vs. Group C Standings

ALGS NA Pro League Day 1 standings
Provided by ALGS
  1. Sentinels – 92 points
  2. Noble – 58 points
  3. SXG – 48 points
  4. Renegades – 46 points
  5. Lazarus – 44 points
  6. PremierGG – 41 points
  7. Complexity – 39 points
  8. Era Eternity – 38 points
  9. Senior Service – 31 points
  10. Legacy MX – 29 points
  11. Dubblyew – 26 points
  12. BenchWarmers – 25 points
  13. NRG – 25 points
  14. CPR Certified – 22 points
  15. Ghost Gaming – 21 points
  16. Unlucky – 18 points
  17. Sign Us Please – 17 points
  18. Torrent – 15 points
  19. Estral Esports – 14 points
  20. Rolla Theory – 13 points

ALGS NA Pro League Kills Leaderboard

NA ALGS Pro League Day 1 Kills leaderboard

  1. Lou – 21 kills
  2. Crust – 21 kills
  3. SlurpeeG – 13 kills
  4. Golden – 12 kills
  5. Impulse – 11 kills
  6. Senoxe – 10 kills
  7. PowPow – 10 kills
  8. Stuhni – 9 kills
  9. Hambind – 9 kills
  10. Monsoon – 9 kills
  11. Rocker – 9 kills
  12. Noble_Rakk – 9 kills
  13. Bowswer – 8 kills
  14. Metro – 8 kills
  15. Vaxlon – 8 kills
  16. Viizay – 7 kills
  17. Sauceror – 7 kills
  18. sYnceDez – 7 kills
  19. Nafen – 7 kills
  20. Ronnie – 6 kills

The ALGS NA Pro League Split 1 Groups A and D will battle it out for their first day on Sunday starting at 4 p.m. ET.