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Following the action of EMEA, NA’s ALGS Pro League Split 1Groups A and B entered the arena to battle it out for another six games’ worth of playoff points on Day 3.

Teams Participating

NA ALGS Pro League Group A and Group B participating teams
Provided by ALGS
  • TSM
  • Team Liquid
  • Cloud9
  • Knights
  • CharlottePhoenix
  • AbsoluteMonarchy
  • Buff Pathfinder
  • SMP
  • CLX
  • Moanerz
  • NRG
  • Renegades
  • Ghost Gaming
  • Era Eternity
  • PremierGG
  • BenchWarmers
  • Noble
  • Lazarus
  • Legacy MX
  • Unlucky

Game 1

CharlottePhoenix stole the win out from under NRG by simply out-surviving them. The final three squads were TSM, NRG and CharlottePhoenix, but the former two teams were so focused on each other that CharlottePhoenix was able to stick out to the end and take the game when NRG was weakened.

Game 2

Cloud9 won Game 2 cleanly while running Gibraltar, Octane and Bloodhound. Paris “StayNaughty” Gouzoulis managed six kills in the round and handily prevented the final enemy squad from making it to their portal, ending the game.

Game 3

In the final teamfight between Cloud9, BenchWarmers and NRG, it was NRG that came out on top. They focused on shotgunning downed players while C9 and BenchWarmers exchanged fire, giving them the ultimate edge to snatch the win when the other teams had been run ragged.

Game 4

Cloud 9 took their second win of the day in Game 4. As a Bombardment rained down, Cloud9’s Zach “Zach” Mazer flanked around to grief TSM while his teammates fired from above. They finished TSM off and had the advantage in positioning, as they knew PremierGG would have to come out of the door they were directly above. When PremierGG left the building, Zach leveraged his position to become the new kill leader and C9 won the round.

Game 5

Though Cloud9 made it into the final three yet again, it was Unlucky that took Game 5. They outlasted the previous round’s winners, and the other two remaining squads to snatch a W for themselves unexpectedly.

Game 6

Renegades came back with a vengeance to take Game 6. They had 15 total kills for the round, and ended things fairly cleanly. Though AbsoluteMonarchy and Devihn “SleepyPanda” Lindsey tried to contest their position, Renegades held out and were the last ones standing for NA Day 3’s final game.

ALGS NA Split 1 Group A vs. Group B current standings

The NA ALGS Pro LEague Split 1 Group A vs Group B leaderboard
Provided by ALGS
  1. Cloud9 – 97 points
  2. NRG – 78 points
  3. Renegades – 59 points
  4. TSM – 43 points
  5. AbsoluteMonarchy – 39 points
  6. CharlottePhoenix – 38 points
  7. Team Liquid – 38 points
  8. Benchwarmers – 32 points
  9. Noble – 30 points
  10. Knights – 27 points
  11. Legacy MX – 25 points
  12. Unlucky -25 points
  13. PremierGG – 25 points
  14. Buff Pathfinder – 21 points
  15. SMP – 21 points
  16. CLX – 19 points
  17. Ghost Gaming – 16 points
  18. Era Eternity – 13 points
  19. Lazarus – 13 points
  20. Moanerz – 2 points

ALGS NA Pro League Split 1 Groups C and D will play Sunday at 4 p.m. ET.