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The Apex Legends Global series announced the new “Multiview” feature for ALGS Twitch streams on Thursday. The feature will debut for the Europe, Middle East and Africa and North America regions’ Split 1 Playoffs this weekend.

What is Multiview for ALGS streams?

Multiview will allow fans to use Twitch’s Control Center to watch ALGS matches on two to four split-screen windows. This will allow fans to keep up with their favorite teams, despite the hectic nature of twenty squads duking it out simultaneously.

“The tool lets you watch the action from multiple viewpoints, so you’ll be able to choose which teams and players to watch and listen to their in-game audio,” the ALGS said in a press release blog post.

This is another new feature rolled into Multiview. Fans will not only be able to spectate whichever teams they choose, they’ll also be able to listen to their in-game audio at any point. Now, instead of one segment during the broadcast highlighting one team, viewers can listen in on whoever they’d like, whenever they’d like.

“Experience everything, from the drop, to looting, every strategic rotation, every clean wipe, every clutch play, every kill and every final circle through the eyes of the players you choose to watch,” the release said. “This is the ALGS like you’ve never seen it before.”

Twitch drops are back

Twitch drops for ALGS streams are back. Viewers can snag cosmetic items to use in-game by watching NA, EMEA, APAC North, APAC South and South America compete on Twitch. That said, players can only receive these drops if their Apex accounts are properly linked with EA and Twitch.

To connect your account and get drops, follow these steps:

Once your accounts are all set up, you just have to watch ALGS streams and hit the correlating thresholds:

  • 1 Cumulative Hour Watched of the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs: The Rare ‘ALGS Playoffs ’21’ Holospray
  • 2 Cumulative Hours Watched of the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs: The Rare ‘Scarlet Scale’ Prowler skin
  • 3 Cumulative Hours Watched of the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs: The Rare ‘Singularity’ Bloodhound skin
  • 4 Cumulative Hours Watched of the ALGS Split 1 Playoffs: The Epic ‘Champions Cup’ Gun Charm

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