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On Monday, the Apex Legends Global series (Apex Legends’ official esports league) announced that Storm Point, the new map added to the game in Season 11, will be in the map rotation for ALGS Split 2. This is the first time Storm Point will be included in competitive play at the professional level.

Storm Point is coming to the ALGS

During the 2021-20222 ALGS season so far, competitors have only gotten to duke it out on the World’s Edge map. When Split 2 starts on Tuesday, that will change. It seems that alongside the Season 12: Defiance update, which amongst other things is changing the way Prowlers interact with players during the Battle Royale on Storm Point, the ALGS is also going to see some changes with the game’s newest map joining the competitive rotation.

Storm Point debuted in the game proper last November alongside the launch of Season 11: Escape. The last season also featured the debut of the game’s newest legend, Arenas announcer Ash. The season’s worth of playtime on Storm Point has led the developers at Respawn to rework certain parts of the map with the latest patch, which has seemingly given the ALGS the confidence needed to add it to the Split 2 map pool.

Pro reactions

So far, the reactions from ALGS pros about the addition of Storm Point have been fairly mixed. Some, like TSM FTX’s Phillip “ImperialHal” Dosen, are less than enthused. “Anything the CEO says goes huh? that was fast,” he replied to the announcement on Twitter. Others, like G2 Esports’ Rigo “gent” Padilla, were a bit more diplomatic. “Interesting,” was all he replied to the tweet.

Once the ALGS Split 2 starts on Tuesday, fans and players alike will finally get to start seeing what pros can do on Apex’s latest map and how it will impact the meta going forward.

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