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Diablo Immortal has been a massive success, perhaps even larger than Activision Blizzard ever expected. The mobile and PC title is a terrific experience, taking players back to the classic days of Diablo while implementing some new mechanics and features for a new generation of gamers.

While the game has been mired in controversy due to its microtransaction system, its core gameplay, graphics, and systems are strong. Activision Blizzard showcased just how popular the RPG has been over the last few months in its Q2 2022 financial report. The report, published earlier this week, details that over 30 million players have downloaded Diablo Immortal. The company also said that over half of those players signed up for a new Blizzard account.

Essentially, this means that roughly half of all Immortal players are brand new to the franchise – or Blizzard games in general. The report states “over half of the game’s player accounts to date are new to Blizzard.” Of course, some players might have created a new account just for this game and played Diablo 1-3 before. However, a large chunk of players wandering around Sanctuary are experiencing Diablo for the first time.

Diablo Immortal may be just the beginning for Blizzard

This information is noteworthy for a couple of reasons.

For starters, it means that Activision Blizzard could look into developing more mobile titles in the future. Logic would dictate that most new players would come from the mobile version since there’s never been a Diablo title on mobile before. The financial and overall success of Immortal means there is still a market for a polished RPG on mobile devices.

Further, Activision Blizzard is hoping the new players in Diablo Immortal will stick around for the release of Diablo IV. The next main series entry in the franchise is set to launch in 2023 and could see even more success thanks to Diablo Immortal. However, mobile-only players will have to stick to Immortal, as Diablo IV likely won’t release on mobile devices. Still, Activision Blizzard will presumably continue to support Diablo Immortal even after it releases Diablo IV.