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100 Thieves returns to competitive Apex Legends, announcing that they have signed former ALGS Champions from team Kungarna on Oct. 8.

“100 THIEVES IS BACK IN APEX LEGENDS,” the 100 Thieves account tweeted. “Please welcome the reigning ALGS North American Champions to 100 Thieves as our competitive Apex Legends roster.”


100 Thieves entered the Apex Legends competitive scene when the game was brand new and the esports landscape was lackluster in 2019. It wasn’t long before the team released their regional squad of three and left Apex for the foreseeable future. Their previous squad consisted of Justin “Teenage” Phipps who still plays for eUnited, Isiaih “Lifted” Slowik who has since retired from competitive Apex and Justin “JP2” Pate who retired after playing for Luminosity Gaming.

Now that the arena shooter has matured as an esport and game, 100 Thieves are returning to the scene by signing one of the top teams in North America. Kungarna recently won the ALGS Championship for North America and most recently won the Box Fight Championship for the Apex Cup.

The roster consists of:

  • Nicholas “Vein” Hobbs
  • Alex “scuwry” Scala
  • Brendan “Onmuu” Pode

100 Thieves expand into Apex Legends

The organization first dipped its feet back into the Apex scene by signing Jack “NiceWigg” Martin as a streamer and content creator on Sept. 12. In the introduction video for 100 Thieves’ latest adventure into Apex, NiceWigg spoke about the former Kungarna squad.

“This team won the NA Championship, which is by far the hardest tournament [Apex] has ever had,” said NiceWigg in the video. “From the beginning, they have been one of the best gun-skill teams.”

Now that the former Kungarna team has signed with 100 Thieves, they will be playing in the upcoming ALGS: 2021 Pro League for North America. The tournament has a prize pool of over $125,000 and will be played online. Out of the 40 squads invited to the tournament, only the top ten will advance to the playoffs that will take place at the beginning of 2022 with a prize pool of over one million dollars. You can catch 100 Thieves’ newest additions in the Pro League tournament starting Oct. 16.