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Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel has been officially released for a couple of weeks now. Since its release, the first of many ranked seasons have come to a close. But when no new content was added to the game following the Jan. 31 ranked reset, fans were displeased with Konami, the creators of the official online Yu-Gi-Oh! simulator. Furthermore, Master Duel fans felt that the ranked rewards for reaching the highest rank were lackluster. In fact, players were inadvertently punished for it.

In Yu-Gi-Oh! Master Duel, players get gems for every rank they achieve up to the highest rank. But when the ranked season closed and ranks were reset, the players near the top did not reset back down to Rookie rank. Instead, they were sent back to Gold with no way to earn rewards from the lower ranks again. This double-edged sword was not taken lightly on social media. Many players voiced their grievances over their lost rewards for a ranked system that doesn’t benefit them. But after weeks of silence on Konami’s part, an in-game notification showed that they actually have been listening. Kind of.

On Wednesday, Konami gave the following notification to players:

“Currently in Ranked Duels, players who have reached Platinum Rank can obtain Rank Up Rewards for ‘Silver Tier 4 – Gold Tier 5’ at the beginning of the new season by intentionally losing Duels and getting demoted to Gold Rank before the season ends. To prevent such intentional defeats in competitive play, we are planning to improve the Ranked Duels systems.”


To further combat the flaws in its current ranked system and to discourage players from abusing the ranked ladder with intentional losses, Konami announced that it would be compensating Master Duel players who missed out on ranked rewards. Any players who ended the January Ranked Duels with a Platinum rank and started the new season will be eligible for compensation. Those players are expected to receive all Rank Up Rewards that they would normally get by climbing from Silver Tier 4 through Gold Tier 5.

Konami has yet to announce a date for when the changes or the compensation would take place.

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