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Halo Infinite severely lacks the addition of a melee-only game mode. The technical preview for the multiplayer showcased what could be expected when Halo Infinite releases on Dec. 8. With multiple maps, modes, infinite customization and a battle pass, all the boxes had been seemingly checked by 343 Industries. However, one aspect of the game has been severely overlooked and is desperately needed when the game releases later this year: a melee-only mode.

Due to the lack of weapon damage in Halo Infinite, players were often forced to result to one of two solutions when they ran out of ammunition. The typical solution came in the form of the Sidekick Pistol equipped with every loadout in Halo Infinite. This pistol was necessary for multiple gunfights where the player and the enemy were staring each other down, both with zero bullets in the chamber of their MA40’s. However, the more popular and effective means of eliminating the enemy came in the form of punching.

With quick enough reflexes and a lack of weapon ammunition, melee quickly became the main finisher for kills in the technical preview. Enemy reloading their MA40? Punch them. Is the enemy missing all of their shots with their pistol? Punch them. When there wasn’t enough time to reload or swap weapons, the melee key was a Spartan’s best friend.

Halo Infinite’s lack of a melee game mode

Since the melee option has gained popularity in the Halo Infinite technical preview for finishing kills, that popularity would likely transfer into a melee-only game mode. In addition to the popularity of the melee mechanic, Halo Infinite showcased two different game modes during the technical preview. Those modes were capture the flag and the usual deathmatch-style mode. If Halo Infinite were to add an additional game mode that doesn’t focus on the typical ones from previous titles, the game could open up to a new audience.

These types of game modes have been popularized by Call of Duty which has introduced melee-only game modes for several titles. Call of Duty has also leaned into this mode by adding in different melee weapons such as baseball bats, knives, hammers and more. All Halo would need to do is place players in one of the smaller maps and have them earn points by getting kills through punching their opponents in the face. Just as they would do usually in the regular game modes when they run out of bullets.

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