Is Halo Infinite down? How to check server status, problems, and outages
Halo Infinite down
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Is Halo Infinite down? How to check server status, problems, and outages

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While Halo Infinite has largely remained online for the majority of its life cycle, there are still times when the servers will fail and go down. Just like any other multiplayer game in the industry, Halo Infinite is prone to server issues and other outages that can prevent players from getting online. Earlier this month, on Feb. 1, players experienced a server outage in Halo Infinite, which caused many to wonder if their internet connection was being faulty or if the game had simply crashed.

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Luckily, the developers were able to solve the server outage relatively quickly, which didn’t leave players offline for too long. However, what happens if you try to get online and the servers aren’t working again?

You’re going to need to be able to see if the servers are truly down or if perhaps your internet is to blame. Below, you can see all of the ways that check if Halo Infinite has gone down or not.

Is Halo Infinite down?

For starters, you want to check the official Halo Infinite Twitter account, which usually keeps players up to date on everything that is currently happening with the game. However, if the server outage just happened and you checked the Twitter account to no avail, it’s likely that the social media team has not been informed of the outage yet.

In that case, you want to stay on Twitter and check the Xbox Support account. This deals with problems relating to Xbox Live and sometimes hones in on specific games as well. Alternatively, if you’re on PC, you can check the Steam Status Twitter account to see if Steam is having server troubles.

Finally, if you want to see if other players are experiencing the same problems as you, head to the Down Detector website. Specifically, visit the Halo Infinite page on the site, which gathers player reports of how the servers are currently operating. If mass players are reporting issues, then it’s likely not your internet connection and simply the game having problems.

If you’ve checked all of those locations and see that Halo Infinite and its services are working properly, then it’s time to restart your router and possibly contact your IP.

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