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Halo Infinite Season 2
Provided by 343 Industries

Halo Infinite Season 2 features new battle royale game mode

Highlights for the Season 2 patch notes

Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves released on Tuesday, 2022, bringing a plethora of new content and changes to the game. Patch notes for the new season gave a rundown of everything that players can sink their teeth into. Provided below are the highlights of all the new content coming with Halo Infinite Season 2: Lone Wolves.

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New, 100-tier battle pass

With a new season comes a new battle pass. Lone Wolves gives players a new 100-tier battle pass with up to 180 rewards. The battle pass will cost 1,000 Halo Credits, though all players can unlock a handful of free tier rewards.

Halo Spartan Lineup
New cosmetic items from the Season 2 battle pass. | Provided by 343 Industries.

One of the selling points for the Halo Infinite battle pass is the ability to complete them at any time once purchased, i.e. players who bought the Season 1 battle pass can still complete it. To swap between the two battle passes, follow these steps provided in the patch notes:

  • Navigate to the Season 2 menu. This can be done from the main menu by selecting or using the shortcut listed within the Season 2 tile in the top right corner.
  • Select the Switch Battle Pass button below the Battle Pass tile on the left side of the menu.
  • On the Battle Pass Switcher menu, use the checkbox below the Battle Pass tiles to equip the preferred Battle Pass.

More information about battle passes can be found here.

Narrative events

Halo Infinite Season 2 will have two different Lone Wolves narrative events: Interference and Alpha Pack. They will each last two weeks and feature different 10-item event passes. To earn the items, players must complete certain challenges during the event in the specific event playlist. Interference and Alpha Pack event playlists will only be the new Last Spartan Standing game mode on the new Big Team Battle map, Breaker.

Interference will run from May 3-15 and Alpha Pack from July 19 to August 1. These dates are subject to change.

The other event of Season 2 is Fracture: Entrenched. The Season 2 Fracture event will run six times on a few different weeks — start the week of May 24 — each time giving players a chance to finish Event Challenges for up to 30 free cosmetic items. All of the challenges will be in the new Land Grab mode (see below).

New and returning game modes

One of the most anticipated releases from the new season is the new battle royale game mode, which has reportedly been in the works for some time. The new mode is called Last Spartan Standing and it’s the first of three new modes released in Season 2.

Last Spartan Standing pits 12 players against each other in a confined area. Each has five lives and begins with a limited loadout of a Disruptor and Sidekick pistol. Scoring kills and assists will increase the player’s score and give them access to better and better weapons. The match ends when only one player is left alive.

Players can only queue for Last Spartan Standing by themselves. They’ll have to go to Custom Games to play with friends.

Meanwhile, the King of the Hill game mode should familiar to returning Halo players. The mode entails two teams of four battling for control of a specific space on the map. The first team to fill their meter by maintaining control of the rotating point will win.

King of the Hill is available in Ranked Arena, Quick Play, Bot Bootcamp, a dedicated King of the Hill playlist and Custom Games.

Finally, Land Grab is a new game mode that will debut with the first Entrenched event on May 24. Outside of the event, it will appear as a rotational playlist and in Custom Games. The mode works similar to King of the Hill except there are three active zones at a time. Teams don’t maintain control of the zone, they simply capture it quickly for one point and it disappears, reappearing on another part of the map. When a team is one point away from winning, only one capture zone will appear at a time.

New destinations

Season 2 also introduces two new maps, one for Big Team Battle and one for Arena. The BTB map is called Breaker and the Arena map is Catalyst.

The new Big Team Battle map, Breaker. | Provided by 343 Industries.
Catalyst Halo Infinite
The new Arena map, Catalyst. | Provided by 343 Industries.

Best of the rest

343 Industries has also addressed a number of player concerns and quality of life improvements with Season 2. For starters, the iconic Arena multiplayer announcer, voiced by Jeff Steitzer, will now also call out medals in Big Team Battle.

In non-ranked game modes, the radar or “Motion Tracker” will now show the general direction of players who are sprinting, shooting or operating vehicles just outside of its range. The range changes between Arena and BTB modes.

All of the Weapon Drills in the Academy can now be played without a timer or scoreboard, endlessly.

Xbox Series S consoles now have a 120hz refresh option. Xbox Series X now has a 30Hz refresh option.

While these are some of the highlights from Halo Infinite Season 2, the update is pretty massive. The rest of the information and patch notes are available on the Halo Support site here.

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