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Elden Ring players are always on the lookout for new ways to improve their current build or discover new strategies to use in a New Game+ journey. One of the best ways to accomplish both of those objectives is to use different Ash of Wars.

These are weapon skills that allow you to customize your weapon past its standard damage and defense stats. In the first month of Elden Ring, a popular Ash of War that players have discovered is called Seppuku.

This weapon skill can drastically change the way you approach a boss fight. It deals slight damage to you in order to give your weapon extra blood loss buildup and attack power. It’s an extremely overpowered Ash of War that melee characters should be taking full advantage of. However, to do that, you first need to know where to find the Seppuku Ash of War in Elden Ring.

Seppuku’s location in Elden Ring

You will have to wait quite a long time to acquire this specific Ash of War. Seppuku can be located in the Mountaintops of Giants, which is only accessible after making your way through Leyndell, Royal Capital.

Once at the mountaintops, you can head northeast to the giant lake. Here, you can find a Site of Grace called Freezing Lake, which is located on the northwest side of the lake. From here, go directly east until you find a tree sticking out of the ground with some mysterious footprints going around it. The location of this spot is seen in the screenshot below.

Elden Ring Seppuku
The location of the Seppuku Ash of War. | Provided by FromSoftware

These footprints belong to an invisible Teardrop Scarab, which holds the Seppuku Ash of War. To kill the scarab, you need to stand along the path the footprints trod and wait for them to come your direction. Slightly before they’re near you, start attacking vigorously. With any luck, you’ll connect with the scarab and acquire Seppuku. If you don’t succeed the first time, just keep attacking right along the footprint’s path until you hit the scarab.

Once Seppuku is in your inventory, you can equip it onto any sword or polearm capable of thrusting, with the exception of Colossal Weapons. It comes with the Blood affinity, which can make a blood loss weapon even more deadly.

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