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The cat is out of the bag and every player wants to get their hands on the Mimic Tear Spirit Ash summons in Elden Ring. This has proven to be arguably the most powerful summons in the entire game. The Spirit Ash is a duplicate version of your character and it can deal some serious damage to enemies and bosses alike. However, in order to acquire this Spirit Ash, you need to travel into a relatively unknown area of Elden Ring known as Nokron, the Eternal City.

If you’ve been participating in Ranni the Witch’s questline, then you’ve heard of Nokron. It’s an ancient city that’s been inaccessible for years. Although, after completing one main story mission, you will be able to access Nokron and then find the Mimic Tear summons.

Finding the Mimic Tear summons in Elden Ring

You basically need to defeat Starscourge Radahn to access the underground area of Nokron. Doing so makes a meteor crash into the Lands Between and opens up the way to get into Nokron.

Once in Nokron, you will need to keep progressing until you’ve reached the Ancestral Woods Site of Grace. This is found just above the ruins in Nokron and south of where you can fight the Regal Ancestor Spirit.

Elden Ring Mimic Tear
The Ancestral Woods Site of Grace. | Provided by FromSoftware

Once there, look at the giant statue below and then look for the rooftops to the right of it. You will need to jump onto this roof and then head right along the edge. If you’ve turned right, you’ll have to jump onto another platform and run along another edge. This will bring you to a staircase, which you can cross and then find a round rooftop. Jump on this and then jump down to the area below.

From here, keep moving forward to go around the corner and find a narrow path that leads out to another area with a large wall. Jump onto the windows of this wall, which will bring you to an area with a church.

Elden Ring Mimic Tear
The Mimic Tear Ashes being looted. | Provided by FromSoftware

Don’t jump from this position. Instead, go left and find an archway with a Stonesword Key barrier blocking it. Use a Stonesword Key to access the area, defeat the enemy inside and open the chest at the end of the room. This will contain the Mimic Tear Ashes, which you can immediately equip. To upgrade the Ashes, you’ll need to visit the Roundtable Hold. Once upgraded, this becomes the best Spirit Ash summons in Elden Ring.

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