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Fortnite’s Winterfest is here, and one of the holiday event challenges asks you to find a Ship It! Express location. There’s just one issue with that—they aren’t marked on the map. Don’t panic though, as we have where they can be found right here.

Completing 14 of the Winterfest 2023 Quests will unlock a special Christmas-themed pickaxe, and because this is one of the easier tasks, it’s well worth taking the time to find one.

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Fortnite Ship It! Express locations

There are three Ship It! Express locations in Fortnite: One at Hanazy Hillside, one at Ritzy Riviera, and one east of Pleasant Plaza.

A map showing the Fortnite map, with x's marking the location of Ship It! Express buildings near Hazy Hillside, Pleasant Piazza, and Ritzy Riviera.
There are three Ship It! Express locations on the island. Image via Fortnite.gg, edits via Upcomer

Hazy Hillside

The Ship It! Express location at Hazy Hillside can be found beside the Christmas tree, in a wooden building towards the east side of the POI.

A Brown wooden building in Fortnite, with a Ship It! logo on a sign outside.
This Ship It! Express is near the Christmas tree. Screenshot via Upcomer

Pleasant Piazza

This one isn’t actually in Pleasant Piazza, but can be found southeast of the POI near the railway line.

The Ship It! Sorting Center in Fortnite
This is a big storage center. Screenshot via Upcomer

Ritzy Riviera

The Ritsy Riviera store is at the south of the island, next to the outlook post with the vault.

A Fortnite building with a Ship It sign in Ritzy Riviera
There’s a TMNT vent in front of it. Screenshot via Upcomer

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